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Page 2. What to expect continued . . .

Next we will look at glass. Normal clear glass is a popular choice, as is non-reflective for stronger colours, or work which is to be hung in highly lit areas. If your piece is valuable it will be worth considering conservation glass, which has an ultra violet filter to protect the work from the harmful rays in sunlight. Acrylic is a light weight and safe alternative to glass for pieces to be hung in public areas. It is also available in non-reflective and conservation.
Conservation artwork demands the highest grades of acid free and protective conservation materials. We will ask you at the outset if we suspect such measures may be required. This choice will be decided by the age and the value of your piece.
Throughout this process, other options will become apparent. There are a number of different ways we can produce a really striking result, such as double mounts, inlays, presenting your work in a rebated frame etc. Again, the decisions are made according to your personal preference, and what result you would like to see.
And eventually, hopefully, we come to the point where you are nodding your head in complete approval. This may take only a few minutes, or it may take half an hour, or you may have needed to go away and wisely consider two or three options.
But then, when we have your absolute, resounding approval, we will book your work in. We normally say a week to complete, but if you are in a genuine hurry, we will do our best to accomodate.

You can get an idea of some of your options on the Portfolio and Reviews pages.

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